Annu Ggupta Jain

Certified Counsellor/ Therapist/ NLP & Meditation Practitioner

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Anubha Jain

About Annu Ggupta Jain

Certified Counsellor/ Therapist/ NLP & Meditation Practitioner

Annu Ggupta Jain helping our clients recognize, question, and revise persistent patterns of thought. Being a mediator between our clients and their subconscious mind, We use some of the tools and techniques like “Talk Therapy / Writing Therapy /Meditations” to guide you in any sphere of life & help you achieve your desired results. We do not treat diseases, We heal YOU.

A person is known by the thoughts they have which reflect in their behavior and it builds their character. What you let into your mind in your everyday life called experiences, have a very strong impact on your thoughts. So we use effective methods to help you challenge your unhealthy thoughts and replace with a growth mindset. Our mission is to help every individual find their purpose of existence and help youth to prevent suicide.


Her mission is to help every individual find their purpose of existence and helping youth to prevent suicide.

Helping in solving these problems .

  • Reframing Thought pattern
  • Mind Coaching
  • Assisting weight loss
  • Mild mental health issues
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Performance enhancement
  • Rapport
  • Meditation
  • Discovering and clarifying desired outcomes

Accomplishments, Roles and responsibilities

  • A qualified Counsellor and Mind Coach with proven experience supporting clients in the workplace and in professional settings.
  • Using thought patterns to program specific desired outcomes
  • Installing, creating and improving strategies for thinking patterns
  • Help clients treating their Depression, Stress, Anxiety , Psychosomatic illnesses and overcoming their challenges
  • Provide effective tools for resolving past painful experiences, fears and phobia’s
  • Empowering individuals and enabling them to make informed decisions by understanding the language of Mind
  • Make Clients understand how to run the brain to achieve excellence and resolutions to problems
  • Help Clients Self-mastery so they can heal their past and transform their Mind
  • Provide tools to gain control over their mind, behaviour and emotions

Academic & Credentials

  • Counselling Master Class Certification (counsel India) 2021
  • Neuro linguistic programme –Practitioner (Midas touch / Wisdom tree solutions) 2016 & 2017
  • Soft Skill Trainer ( ICBI- 2017) New Delhi Reiki Master ( level 1 )
  • CBT (Basic and advance)
  • Master Diploma in Training and Development
  • Image Consultant (Fashion Psychologist)


    • Counsellor / NLP & Meditation Practitioner,  New Delhi , January   2016– Till now
    • Business Head & fashion psychologist – Men/women ,  New Delhi,  2014- 2016
    • Director – Sai Global Lawrence Road Industrial area,  New Delhi , 2004-2009
    Dr Anubha Jain
    Dr Anubha Jain
    Dr Anubha Jain

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